New rescue by Woody Valley

With the Quadro 100 light and Quadro 115, are the rescue chutes you have been looking for. The demand for light equipment is growing, so it was time to come up with a product that meet this need.
These rescue chutes of the new generation combine all the features that a safe modern rescue device must have:

Quadro 100 light:
fastest opening time: 2.8 seconds

very low rate of descent with maximum trailer load: 5.2 m / s

super light weight: 0.985 kg

smallest pack size: 23 * 23 * 7 cm³

very long service life: 15 years

These excellent results could be achieved by using the most modern and highest quality material from Germany:

Ultralight high-strength water-repellent cloth by UTT

light and extremely break-resistant linen by Liros

high-quality binding tapes from Güth & Wolf

The Quadro was certified in accordance with the strict and globally recognized EN standards at Air Turquoise in Switzerland.
Anyone in need of a pendulum-stable rescue with low sinking speed and extremely light dead weight will choose a Quadro rescue.


Rescue chutes  Quadro 100 light  Quadro 115
 Area (sqm)  31,10  36,20
 Number of tracks and lines  20  20
 Packsize  23 * 23 * 7 cm (3.5 l)  26 * 19 * 7 cm (3.7 l)
 Weight incl. Container (kg.)  0.985  1.23
 Rate of descent max. payload  100 -> 5.2 m / s  115 -> 5.41 m / s
 Maximum payload (Kg.)  100 115
Minimum payload (Kg.) 70  75
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