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Issued by WOODY VALLEY srl via Vienna 92; 38121 Trento ITALY Safety Note Identification Number  01/2018  Date of Issue  22/08/2018  This safety note regards all X-Rated7 with the following serial number:  All serial numbers  X-Rated7 homologation number:  EAPR-GZ-0541/16  Requirement: Mandatory before flying  Problem:  The long elastic loops gradually tend to overextend eventually compromising the rescue deployment. […]

Detachable instrument panel Front pocket suitable also for anti G Back protection homologated at 33G (size M weighs gr. 450) Additional standard back protection for the higher back, it is the same one already used for the HASKA2 and WANì2 Spacious lower pocket suitable also for ballast sack Spacious back pocket with dedicated telescopic poles […]